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BOX Gallery Hours

Fri. and Sat. 12-5 pm

Fri. Openings 5-8 pm

Akron Artwalks 12-9 pm

(First Sat. of each month)

* Gallery hours valid during exhibitions only.

The BOX Gallery
140 East Market Street
(3rd Floor of Summit Artspace) 
Akron, Ohio 44308

The BOX Gallery - an Artists of Rubber City Gallery opened in October, 2009, at Summit Artspace. Featuring two exhibition spaces, the big box and the small box, the BOX schedule runs concurrently with Summit Artspace's calendar.

AoRC's 27th Annual Juried Show

Black and White

Award Winners


1st place - Winnie Daulbaugh, WRAP                                                                   2nd Place - Rob Carpenter, little ditty


3rd place - Joseph Dick, Letting Off Steam                                                                      Honorable Mention - John Sokol, Midnight in the Tall Grass

Honorable Mention - Steve Brightman, When Babe Ruth was the White Josh Gibson

Juried Show Accepted Entries:

Parsisson, Don - Rooftop Trilogy

Parsisson, Don - Running the Light

Reiderman, Thomas - Creepy House

Waight, Gwen - Civilized

Waight, Gwen - and

Sokol, John - No Drain at the Swamp

Sokol, John - Midnight in the Tall Grass

Ende Saxe, Shirley - The Values of a Perfect Past Tense

Ende Saxe, Shirley - The Embroidered Moment

Dick, Joseph - Letting Off Steam

Klingel, Carol - Are We So Different?

Winters, Laurel - Then and Now (Boulder Glacier 1910, 2007)

Yingling, Susan - Philos Adelphos, the City of Brotherly Love

Brightman, Steve - When Babe Ruth was the White Josh Gibson

Lilley, Susie - On Frozen Pond

Carpenter, Robert - little diddy

Wilson, Helen - Comings and Goings - Migration

Lapcevic, Steven - Constituents 1

Lapcevic, Steven - Constituents 2

Lapcevic, Steven - Constituents 3

M - Black & White

Cameron, April - Blooming Discontent

Keppel, John - bwaeihtklc

Aronhalt, Lizzi - Nisam Znala

Hagan, Kathleen - The Light From Within

Karnuth, Del - Kansas Farm Wife

Moeller, Terrie - Dark Angel

Grondin, Tina - This Land Is Our Land

Couch, April - Unity & Peace on Earth

Webb, Donna & Lindenberger, Beth - Stratagem

Clark, Mary - Who Are You Trying to Convince?

Day, Amy E. - Birds of Prey

Bishop, Erica - Orange, Magenta, Blue

Jaroszewski, Mark - Dog, Bark, Park

Kornel, Jasmine - Page 5

Spyker, Stephanie - Daniel Boone National Forest

Daulbaugh, Winnie - WRAP

Petry, Cynthia - Blackness Whiteness

Interested in showing your artwork at the BOX Gallery?  Now scheduling shows for 2018!

Click on pdf below, print the application and follow instructions.  Return to Artists of Rubber City when complete.  

Due June 30, 2017


Installation View: skin{d.e.e.p.} by benitez_vogl in 2015

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